June 27, 2016

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Bird Key Sarasota

Burr Ridge, Illinois

This beautiful home in Burr Ridge sits on nearly 2 acres. Top Down Drones can give your large property listings the perspective buyers want and need to see.

Illinois River House

This home is located in an up start housing complex on the banks of the Illinois river. The home, as well as the gigantic marina, are located a mere hour away from the city of Chicago. Perfect for any weekend warrior boat owner. You’ll never want to come inside with 5 decks, two of which are screened, and a public pool less than 50 yards away.

Hinsdale, Illinois

This Hinsdale home was on the market for 1 month before closing thanks to Top Down Drones. The family was selling the home and backyard with the option to buy the wooded area behind for an additional cost. Without aerial photography, potential buyers could not get a picture of the additional land.