March 28, 2016


Chicagoland and South West Florida Aerial Media – Photography and Video

Top Down Drones delivers exceptional aerial media services. TDD works in most industries and specializes in the markets listed below. Check out our top of the line equipment that’s used to create the media needed to optimize your presence.

Real Estate

What will distinguish your home from the next one down the street? How about an aerial view of it. With our top of the line drone photography, you can see your home in a whole new light that buyers will really respond to. Show off key attributes like a pool or two car garage all at once. We also offer home tours to show off your beautiful interiors to potential buyers.


Top Down Drones utilizes top of the line photo stitching software to bring actionable data to your company. Within hours, TDD delivers high definition 2D maps as well as elevation maps and three dimensional scale models. Using state of the art software we can tell you how many cars, crops, heads of cattle, or people are within an area, making commercial real estate decisions and insurance claims much easier.

Construction Management

Are you managing a project from a distance? Save money on air fare and allow us to check in on how it’s going. With Top Down Drone photography, you can be on site without leaving your desk. Our photos also make great marketing tools for future bids.

Film and Television

Aerial videography is becoming part of film and television more everyday. Our founder and lead technician is a DePaul University graduate with a degree in digital cinema and film science and a local Chicago film producer. Cinema is our bread and butter! Call us today to see how our competitive (that means low) prices can work for you.

Festivals and Events

Got a big outdoor event coming up? Our drones can get you the perfect view of everything going on. Still photos as well as videos will bring your event to life on any screen. Or just place our drone in the sky and get a stunning timelapse of the event.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help document and optimize your land, product, or event.