March 28, 2016

About Us

Top Down Drones is a company that has been providing stunning photographs and videos to clients across the country for 2 years. Our primary product line is aerial photography but we also provide interior videos to clients. We are bonded and insured for $1 million.  Top Down Drones adheres to all FAA regulations and our first priority is the safety of property and individuals. Click here to learn how Top Down Drones stays safe.

TDD is the premier drone photography company that has serviced the Chicago-land area, Phoenix, and now primarily all of South-west Florida. With our top of the line equipment, we can capture dynamic angles of a homes and surrounding area that can’t be achieved from the ground in 4K ultra high definition. Whether it's real estate, special events, festivals, documentary work, or commercial work, we have a solution from above. Click here to see our fleet.


Kevin Quick grew up in Hinsdale, IL.  He graduated with a degree in digital media from DePaul University in 2013. After graduation, he studied to become a pilot and sought investment capital for a new business that would satisfy his love of photography, flying and graphics.

He founded Top Down Drones in 2015.  He has several hundred hours of experience in flying a number of different unmanned aerial equipment. He resides in downtown Sarasota, where he moved in late 2016.


Colin Heffernan is from Chicago Illinois. He graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors in Digital Cinema with an emphasis on camera operating and lighting for film. Colin has worked on many Chicago-based television shows such as Chicago Med, Empire, and on the film Sinister 2. Colin began his career in the drone business as a spotter for Top Down Drones but has since become licensed under the FAA’s part 107 and now conducts filming missions on his own. Although Colin has traveled west to film Olympic snowboarding medalists, he primarily works in the Chicago-land area.